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On the Way to Success

I truly impressed from this SaaS – Back End Solution by Rapid API.  It has it all to succeed. Great founders, amazing platform for developing apps that requires limited skills and it has huge market potential. They make Apps and Website back-end development less challenging. The entrepreneurs behind it are Ido Ginno (only 17 years old), Daniel Charnenkov and Micky Hasalvsky. The company raised 750K USD from 3 investors (Source Crunchbase).

What is Rapid API

RapidAPI is an online platform that lets you create a back-end for your web or mobile app without writing a single line of code. When using RapidAPI, you construct the back end logic using blocks. Each block represents a basic action done in the back end. These are things like saving to a database, sending a notification or accessing an API. The back end is hosted on the RapidAPI servers and you can use it from your app. Each project in RapidAPI also has a database for saving data. The app will use the database to save the lists and the to-do items. Rapid API will also create actions to add new items, mark items as done and get all the items in a given list.


  • Time Consuming – Save time on coding. with simple actions you create capable database and much more
  • Quick Deployment – You can use your mobile app or Website immediately
  • Security – Built in SSL
  • Scale – Rapid API servers are located all over the world and scalable
  • Pricing: You can sign up for free for limited version. Other packages priced at 10 USD month per user to 50 month per user. I believe it s great value for your investment.

Youtube Video:


Few Screen Shots:



Back End



Back End


Want to learn more click on Link: https://www.imrapid.com

Please share your experience or any feedback you may have.

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